Governmental and territorial organizations must define and apply « objectives driven policies» for efficient transparent management of their resources and evaluation of their results. GAPSET has accumulated experience and know-how from the design and implementation of decision support systems, ERP, specifically tailored for government agencies, territorial organizations, councils, inter-governmental organizations, around the World, in Europe, USA, ex-USSR, Africa.


Confronted to these challenges, it is key to promote at each level, initiative, accountability, supported by effective objective driven leadership practices

  • Strategic planning taking up both mid and long term issues.
  • Operational planning optimizing implementation of defined strategies in the field, with efficient mobilization of required resources and performance commitment at any level, through accountability centers.
  • Navigation and monitoring toward objectives with powerful dashboards designed to optimize pathways with respect to actual vs planned performance.
Main practices to be promoted-adm

Promotion, reinforcement of objectives driven leadership practices, strategic planning, operational planning, navigation and monitoring toward objectives, require:

  • To take into account appropriate information and reasoning.
  • Implementation of corresponding data and tools distributed on accountability centers worsktations.
  • Promotion of the necessary cultural and behavorial evolutions.

In any case the challenge is to promote on all levels, initative, coherence, transparency and associated responsability practices, with modernization, decentralization of functioning processes and management.

A network of accountability centers driven by objectives-adm

Each governmental or territorial public service is organized in a network of accountability centers.
​Each center is equipped with information and tools required for objective driven leadership.The strategic plan and associated projects are implemented with community sharing.

Decision support ERP mapping

Objective driven leadership information are stored and managed in 3-Dimensional information cubes under GAPSET standards.
They are informed and inter connected according to an information distribution determined by the distribution of responsibilities within the organization. At each level associated rights and duties are clearly defined.
3D cubes bring together: 

  • Planned objectives, associated ressources and performances for achieving them. 
  • Actual  data retrieved from basic operating systems, to be confronted to the previous data for follow up and navigation toward objectives.

They guarantee the main reading modes useful for top and middle managers practicing objective driven leadership. 

Decision support ERP and base operations ERP-adm

GAPSET offers under its standards an ERP dedicated to objective driven leadership information and tools.
3R accounts, models for decison making, simulation and planning, dashboards for navigation towards objectives, reportings, are configured under EXCEL, interfaced with a dedicated database.