Looking for another world

Our world is increasingly confronted with the damage of liberal capitalist growth which has ensured its development since the 1980s. This growth, which was based on mass production and then consumption while also justifying mass surveillance, has generated, in fact, not only social inequalities highlighted by the COVID 19 crisis, but also serious, perhaps irremediable, damage to the natural capital that we have inherited (pollution, reduction in biodiversity, gas greenhouse effect and global warming, etc.). Moreover, in the background, there is the question of the vulnerability of the complex systems and software of our current world, a world with feet of clay, while we are faced with the prospect of a world population expected to increase by more than 2 billion people by the end of the century.
This book therefore attempts a synthesis of current situations and directions by summarizing the actions undertaken under different initiatives, international, regional or national, to respond to the challenges of today and tomorrow. Finally, it proposes avenues of work with the aim of setting up organizations and planning methods (objective-based steering) to prepare and implement desirable “multi-actor” policies, i.e. coherent, transparent, truly decentralized so that each actor can fully exercise their responsibilities.

October, 2020

The digital revolution. Let's reinvent the Future

Everything, right away, all the time: wearing the “seven-league boots” of the Internet, we travel today's world without limits. And here is the advent of the digital society: objects connected to our people, in our living spaces with billions of data captured, gathered in the “clouds” of millions of computers - big data - for the best of all worlds , we are told. Humanoid robots are also here, capable of eventually surpassing us according to some. Acceleration of progress, digital nets with increasingly fine meshes: in whose hands and for the benefit of whom and for what future? Already, digital harassment, enslavement, threats to privacy, hacking, cyberwars, mass surveillance are warning us.
It is time to highlight the shadows and lights of the digital revolution generated by globalization and the consumer society then brought to everyone by the Internet.
Unless we accept an evolution planned by the groups that dominate the global economy and the Web, unless we ignore the impasses of the current mode of growth and the growing challenges that we will have to face, do we not have to reinvent and take back control of our Future?

October, 2016

Paris Global Forum

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Ideas lead the world

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Keys for the future, the industrial Ambition at stake

Principles and  methods applied by GAPSET to governmental organisation are presented and explained in various articles, reports and books published by Jean-Michel Treille.
The book « Keys for the future, the industrial Ambition at stake » explains how to rise to the challenge of defining and implementing industrial strategies at country or regional levels.

June, 2012

Canal Academy

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Operational objective driven leadership

Objective driven leadership systems under GAPSET standards for business are presented and explained in various articles, reports and books published by Jean-Michel Treille.
For example the book: "Operational objective driven leadership: How to apply strategy in the field ?"

February, 2004

Radio France

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